Alkaline Fresh

Perfect to Give. Delicious to Receive.

And far more nutritious than tchotchkes.

How the Gift Works

You select your meal plan

You can gift alkaline meals to easily to your friends and family members.

Alkaline Cooked Meals

You will sending the healthiest meals on planet earth as gifts.

Easy Delivery

With our seamless delivery system your receipents will recieve their alkalin meals.

Healthy Meals for All

Alkaline Fresh provides the highest quality of alkaline plant base meals for adults and children

Excellent Source for Kids

Providing kids with the healthiest plant base meals to help fight childhood obesity.

Meals Designed for Athletes

Alkaline Fresh meals are high in protein and are extremely beneficial for competing athletes.

Elite Culinary Chefs

We have an elite culinary team full of industry experts that are preparing your alkaline meals.